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Terms and conditions of use

Drawing Pocket, provided by Regolith, Inc. (herein referred to as "Regolith" ), is a service available only to those who consent to the Drawing Pocket Terms of Use (herein referred to as the “Agreement”) . Please note that those who use Drawing Pocket will be viewed by Regolith to be in compliance with the Agreement.

  • Article 1 (General Provisions)
    • This Agreement will apply to all uses of Drawing Pocket by users. Those who use Drawing Pocket are required to comply with the Agreement.
    • To utilize each of the individually specified services provided, users are required to abide by the individually specified provisions within the Agreement. If for any reason there is a contradiction between any of the provisions in the Agreement and the specified individual provisions, the individual provisions shall take precedence, otherwise this Agreement and the individual provisions shall both be applied.
    • There are separate provisions for each service that make up the parts of this Agreement, all of these provisions compile the Terms of Use.
  • Article 2 (About Drawing Pocket Service)
    • Information is listed within Drawing Pocket that is provided by third parties other than Regolith, this information (company information, product information, advertising, etc.) is disclosed and provided to members and users and is referred to as, “third party information.” Third party information is provided by, and is the responsibility of, members who have registered and posted. Regolith is in no way involved with the content of third party information. Therefore, Regolith does not undertake obligation to confirm or investigate the content of third party information. Regolith is in no way obligated to explain third party information. Regolith in no way guarantees that the content of third party information is factual, accurate, up to date, useful, reliable, or legal in nature, or that it does not infringe upon the rights of third parties. Regolith is in no way responsible for the content of third party information or damages caused by using this information. Users, please use Drawing Pocket based on your own judgment and responsibility.
    • Drawing Pocket is intended for use by individuals residing in Japan, or by corporations located in Japan. If using Drawing Pocket from outside Japan, please use it in a manner that is compliant with the local laws and regulations of that country.
  • Article 3 (Prohibition of Use)

    Regolith prohibits the user of the following acts.

    • Acts of registering with false information or a fictitious name or with information that was obtained illegally.
    • Acts violating the property, privacy, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, intellectual property rights, or other rights of Regolith, other users, or third parties.
    • Act of slander, defamation, intimidation and other acts of ill will, or acts that instill a sense of aversion toward Regolith, other users, or third parties.
    • Regardless of it being intentional or unintentional, acts committed in violation, or in possible violation, of any of the rules and regulations.
    • Acts that the user cannot take responsibility for.
    • To damage or destroy any of the computers or systems, personal information, or any other data, or acts of making unauthorized alterations or changes, and all unauthorized acts of gathering information or data, or any act of unauthorized access.
    • Criminal acts or acts for the purpose of committing criminal acts.
    • Acts contrary to public order and morals.
    • To use information obtained through accessing Drawing Pocket for purposes other than discussions with businesses consistent with the user’s purpose, or for transaction, namely acts of; duplicating, copying, selling, reselling, or any form of publication.
    • Pre-election campaigns, election campaigns or acts of this nature, or acts in violation of Public Offices Election Act.
    • Any act that will or may interfere with the operations of, or damage the reputation of, Regolith or Drawing Pocket.
  • Article 4 (Violations of Usage Agreement)

    In the event that any act is found in violation of this Agreement, Regolith will stop the offender’s usage of Drawing Pocket, and can delete corresponding registrations and posts. In this case, Regolith is not responsible with regard to the offender or any third party. If a user discovers acts in violation of this Agreement, we ask that they contact us through the Drawing Pocket Contact Form.

  • Article 5 (Rights Held by the Company for Content etc.)
    • With the exception of third party information or content on outside linked sites such as video etc., Regolith retains the rights for ownership, copyright, trademark, patent, other intellectual property rights, and all other related rights, of all content within Drawing Pocket.
    • Content that appears in Drawing Pocket (including third party information), as well as all software used in conjunction with Drawing Pocket (hereafter referred to as "Software"), are protected under copyright law, trademark law, patent law, and other laws and regulations on intellectual property protection and the Unfair Competition Prevention Law. The user, unless having received the prior consent of Regolith, does not have permission for copying, transmission (including the act of making transmittable), distribution, transfer, loaning, translation, adaptation, secondary use, licensing, or merchandising the Company’s site, software, or the content there within (in whole or in part). With regard to third party information, without the express consent of the provider of the content users do not have permission for copying, transmission (including the act of making transmittable), distribution, transfer, loaning, translation, adaptation, secondary use, licensing, or merchandising.
    • In the event that the user violates the Agreement and the rights of Regolith, Regolith reserves the right to stop the act that is in violation, stop usage that is a result of the act that is in violation, to seek the removal of that which is a result of the act that is in violation, and the right to claim compensation for damages caused by the act that is in violation. It should also be noted that in the event that the user uses third party information without the consent of the provider of that information, Regolith does not assume obligation to remove, or act in injuction with the violators on behalf of the provider of the information, nor does it assume any liability for damages on behalf of the provider of the information. It is the responsibility and burden of the provider of the information to take measures and deal with violators.
  • Article 6 (Liability)

    Members, registered as users, members, or corporate (hereinafter to be collectively referred to as, “members” in this Article), are responsible for litigation related expenses regardless whether they be domestic or foreign, judicial or extra-judicial, and any litigation related expenses or damages incurred by Regolith (including those incurred if Regolith deems it necessary to participate in a trial, including all attorney’s fees in and out of court).

    • Any damages incurred by Regolith (including both direct damages and related third-party claims), from members actions or from related information, data, files, or other content provided or registered by members.
    • Any damages resulting from third party claims made to Regolith resulting from transactions, provision of service, or preliminary negotiations between members and third parties.
    • Furthermore, related damages incurred by Regolith as a result of violations of this Agreement (including both those directly incurred and those from third party claims).
  • Article 7 (Nonintervention of Transactions)

    Regolith will not intervene in any dialogue or transaction between members that arise from matters involving third party information provided by Drawing Pocket. It is the responsibility of the members to handle it amongst themselves. Therefore, Regolith in no way assumes responsibility with regard to actual negotiations, transactions, payments, etc between members, or resulting or related to disputes between parties involved or third parties or subsequent damages suffered as a result of the above.

  • Article 8 (Disclaimer)

    Regolith assumes no responsibility with regard to any damage (interruption of business, psychological damage, any other monetary damages or losses, including cost or liability of any kind (hereinafter referred to in this Agreement as “damage”) resulting from the use of Drawing Pocket. In addition, whether it be directly or indirectly, Regolith is not responsible in any way regarding each of the damages listed below.

    • Any damages resulting from all or part of the service provided by Drawing Pocket being changed, suspended, shut down, or ended.
    • Damages resulting from viruses or unauthorized access despite reasonable preventative measures, damages caused by natural disasters, or for other reasons outside of the responsibility of Regolith (referred to below as, "force majeure").
    • Responsibility related to using external sites, or damages stemming from or related to using links from Drawing Pocket to access sites and resources outside Drawing Pocket (hereinafter referred to as "external sites"), or if in the case that our Company’s site was accessed through a link for an external site.
    • Damages caused to the user by other users utilizing the Internet.
  • Article 9 (Not Under Warranty)

    The following sections are not guaranteed by Regolith.

    • That problems, errors, or failures will not occur with the services provided by Drawing Pocket.
    • That all information obtained from Drawing Pocket is accurate.
    • That Drawing Pocket or the products, services, and information obtained through Drawing Pocket will meet the expectations of users.
  • Article 10(Interruption or Termination of Drawing Pocket or User Service)

    Regolith, reserves the right to terminate, without the prior consent of members, the provision of all or part of Drawing Pocket (including membership services) in cases where there are unavoidable grounds for maintenance of Regolith’s equipment, or for other unavoidable administrative reasons, or if services are not provided by the telecommunications carriers used by Regolith.

  • Article 11 (Change of Terms and Conditions)

    Regolith reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement at any time separately and independently of other membership agreements, or specific provisions. Notification of details of modifications will be done by posting on Drawing Pocket for one month. Revisions and changes to the Agreement will take effect from the day after one month has elapsed since posting the modifications to the Agreement on Drawing Pocket.

  • Article 12 (Comprehensive Agreement and Possibility of Disjunction)

    The user’s consent of the terms of the Agreement and the separate membership agreement, and the individual provisions is in effect the comprehensive agreement between the user and Regolith with regard to Drawing Pocket. Therefore, agreeing to the Agreement in part, or the rejection of part of the Agreement is not permitted. Also, if part of the Agreement is found to be in violation of the law, that part of the Agreement will be null and void but the remainder of the Agreement will remain valid.

  • Article 13 (Succession to the Terms of Service Agreement at the Time of Transfer of Business)

    If the Drawing Pocket business is transferred from Regolith to another company in all or in part, assume that all of the service is automatically transferred to the transferee.

  • Article 14 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)

    The Agreement and separate membership agreements will be under the jurisdiction of the governing law of Japan. In addition, disputes involving Drawing Pocket that occur between Regolith and members will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.